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Weather Policy

Refund Policy

Classes are always on as scheduled unless canceled due to rain.  Classes are  canceled around 1:30pm via email. 

Adult drop-in will receive for credits for rain outs

Session classes will be made up at the end of the season, see makeup class policy.

At San Diego Tennis Center, we strive to provide our members with exceptional service and ensure the smooth operation of our classes. To maintain this standard, we have implemented a 24-hour cancellation refund policy for all our classes. Please review the following details of our policy:

  1. Cancellation Deadline: Members must cancel their class reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time to be eligible for a refund.

  2. Refund Eligibility: If a member cancels their class reservation within the designated time frame, they will be entitled to a full refund of any fees paid for that specific class.

  3. No Refunds for Late Cancellations: Members who fail to cancel their reservation within the 24-hour window will not be eligible for a refund. This includes instances of no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

  4. Cancellation Process: Members can cancel their class reservation by contacting the club reception or using our online booking system. It is essential to ensure that cancellations are confirmed before the 24-hour deadline.

  5. Exceptions: In exceptional circumstances, such as medical emergencies or unforeseen events, the club may consider refund requests for late cancellations on a case-by-case basis. Members must provide valid documentation or evidence to support their request for consideration.

  6. Policy Enforcement: Our cancellation refund policy is enforced to maintain fairness and efficiency in class scheduling. Members are encouraged to adhere to the cancellation guidelines to avoid any inconvenience to fellow members or disruption to class operations.

By participating in our classes and making reservations, members acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms of this 24-hour cancellation refund policy.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in ensuring the smooth functioning of our tennis club. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us

Makeup Policy

We understand that unexpected events or circumstances may cause students to miss scheduled classes during a multi-week session. To accommodate such situations and ensure that students receive the full benefit of their enrollment, we have implemented the following class makeup policy:

  1. Makeup Class Eligibility: Students who miss a class during the multi-week session are eligible to make up that class during the last two weeks of the session, regardless of when the absence occurs. For example, if a student misses the first class of the session, they can make up that class during the final week of the session.

    1. Drop-in classes are not eligible for makeup class.

  2. No Approval Required for Fridays: During non-summer sessions, students do not need prior approval to attend makeup classes on Fridays. Students can simply attend the makeup class.

  3. No Approval Required for Last Two Weeks: Students do not need prior approval to attend a makeup class during the last two weeks of the session. Students can simply attend the makeup class.

  4. Approval Required for First Two Weeks: If a student needs to make up a class during the first two weeks of the session, they must obtain approval from the club administration. Makeup classes during this period are subject to availability, and approval will be granted based on space and instructor availability.

    1. Scheduling Makeup Classes: To schedule a makeup class during the first two weeks of the session, members must contact us at to check availability and obtain approval. We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee availability.

  5. Policy Enforcement: Our makeup class policy is designed to ensure fairness and flexibility for students while maintaining the integrity of our class scheduling. Students are encouraged to make up missed classes at the end of the session to maximize their learning and attention with the coach.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding our class makeup policy.

Drop-out Policy

Session drop-out policy (injuries or other events)

We understand that unforeseen circumstances such as injury or other events may occasionally prevent students from continuing attending the current session’s classes. To accommodate such situations and ensure fairness to our students, we have established the following policy:

  1. Notification Requirement: Students who need to drop out/ unregister from a multi-week class session due to injury or other unforeseen events are required to notify us. Notifications should be sent to our email address at

  2. Credit Application: Upon receiving notification of a student's need to drop out, we will apply the remainder of the session's classes as a credit to their account. This credit can be used towards registering for future classes.

  3. Flexibility for Future Registration: The credited classes can be redeemed by the student when they are ready to resume their tennis training or participate in another class session. 

  4. Communication and Assistance: Our staff is available to assist students who need to drop out of a class session due to injury or unforeseen events. Members can reach out to us via email at for assistance.

  5. Policy Enforcement: Our drop-out policy is enforced to ensure fairness and transparency in handling such situations. We aim to provide support and assistance to students during challenging times while maintaining the integrity of our class operations.

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